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With a population of about 30,000 Deland is a thriving small town and is home to the "Hatters" and Stetson University, Florida's oldest private college. Deland is located just 25 miles from the World's most famous beach, Daytona Beach and just 60 minutes drive to the vacation capital of the World, Walt Disney World.

Deland was recently voted in the top 5 Best Mainstreet's in America and delights visitors with all the hospitality a small Southern town can offer.

Deland Country Inn B&B

The Deland B&B was established in 1989 and has been "home" to thousands of travelers visiting Deland. The inn is a traditional bed and breakfast, serving a full cooked breakfast to its guests before they continue on their journey.

If you are looking for luxury don't stay here but if you want to feel "home away from home" where the rooms are clean and comfy we got you!

Over the years Henry Deland prospered and he decided the time was right to use his profits for the betterment of mankind.

Thus from the beginning Deland was unique for its time, it didn't just spring up haphazardly out of the wilderness, it was carefully planned by the man destined to be its founder.

On December 6, 1876 at 2pm the settlers of Deland voted to name their little community "Deland" in honor of Henry Addison Deland and everything he had done for the community.

Henry Deland was unimpressed by what he saw in the beginning but as they traveled further and approached the Wisconsin Settlement he was willing to go on. His opinion changed as they passed several young orange groves in bloom and before the day was over he had bought 159 acres of the Hampton homestead and had met a fine group of people capable of forming the nucleus of a town dedicated to the advancement of education and culture.

Volusia County has over 400 years of history with early Native Americans, explorers from Spain, colonists from France and settlers from England, all leaving their mark on Florida.

The area known as Deland was once called Persimmon Hollow because wild persimmons used to grow here in abundance. After the end of the civil war, each year brought increasing numbers of pioneers seeking to build a future for themselves.

The first known settler in the area was probably Ruben Marsh. He and his scouting party stopped for night beside a lake during the Seminole Indian War in 1841. He claimed "if I come out of this war alive I am coming back here to raise cattle". The war ended in 1846 and Ruben bought a settlers claim where he built a cabin for him and his wife.

Henry Deland

Ruben Marsh

In March 1876, Henry Addison Deland was overdue a vacation. He visited with his wife's family in Walterboro, South Carolina where he found his brother-in-law suffering from what was known as "Orange Fever". Orange Fever was the excitement and furor of the early pioneers over investing in orange groves in Florida.

History of Deland